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Anti-Bullying Program

Anti-Bullying Program

Bullying has been a hot topic recently. With high-profile bullying-related suicides in the news and the documentary Bully in theatres, it might be easy to assume that bullying is a new problem. Of course, educators know better than anyone else that bullying has been with us for a long time.

Kevin's assembly-driven anti-bullying program can help you create a safe and secure learning climate on your school campus without putting a huge dent in your budget.

His program provides your school with:

two assembly days reaching the students of every grade with age-appropriate material.
a staff training session that can be a part of a normal staff meeting.
posters to constantly remind students of the definition of bullying and your Anti-bullying rules.

The first assembly lays a groundwork of respect for your students, giving them and staff a common language when dealing with respect issues. On the same day as this assembly Kevin meets with your staff to walk through the issue of bullying. By the end of your 45-60 minutes together the staff will be able to:

Define the term "bullying".
Recognize the serious effect that bullying has on students and school communities.
Distinguish bullying from other behaviour issues.
Establish a clear Anti-bullying policy for your entire staff, including bullying rules and a consequence hierarchy.
Equip students to resolve bullying before it becomes an issue for you and your staff.

Within a month of your school's first assembly day, Kevin will return to the school for an Anti-Bullying assembly. Older students will hear a story that will promote empathy for a bullied student,equip bullied students and bystanders to appropriately confront bullying, and help you communicate your school's bullying rules. Younger students will also receive an anti-bullying lesson, but the focus will be more on the importance of helping bullied students and how this is different from tattling.

Package includes:

School-wide Respect assembly
1 hour anti-bullying staff training session (same day as Respect assembly)
School-wide Anti-Bullying assembly (scheduled within a month of the Respect assembly)
20 small classroom posters
3 large hallway posters

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Costs are dependent on the size of your school and the number of performances needed to accommodate the students:

1 performance (about 50-200 students) - $900
2 performances (about 200-400 students - $1050
3 performances (about 400-600 students) - $1350

The costs above are for the entire program, including the two assemblies, staff training, and posters.

An additional assembly can be added to deal with the subject of "girl bullying". Contact Kevin for more details.