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Kevin Weinert

Kevin Weinert

(a.k.a. The Man With Two Hands) has been telling stories and doing school assemblies for over 10 years. He not only has a B.A. in Christian Education and a Master’s Degree in Theatre Arts, he has also served as a youth and children's pastor at a church in Antioch, CA, so has many years experience helping young people understand abstract ideas. He is a lifetime member of the Association of Lincoln Presenters.



You can contact Kevin in a variety of ways. Just click on a link below to send an email, read The Man With Two Hands blog or visit the Facebook page.

Or you can give him a call on 925-679-8624 (8 AM--9 PM, PST, Mon.-Sat.) Please leave a voice-mail message and he will return your call within 48 hours (allow more time during the months of June and July).




Small groups* and teacher staff meetings:

One assembly: $100
Each additional same-day small-group assembly: $50

Large groups** (non-Lincoln):

One assembly: $300
Each additional same-day large-group assembly: $150

Lincoln assembly (large group only):

One assembly: $400
Each additional same-day assembly: $150
Kindergarten assembly*** (15-20 min.): $50

*A small group is defined as one that will fit comfortably and safely in a normal-sized classroom, usually 40 students or less.
**A large group is defined as one that will fit comfortably and safely in your MPR.
***Kindergarten assemblies can only be scheduled on the same day as a large group Lincoln assembly.

Anti-bullying assembly package (click here for details)


“Long after the presentation, students can be overheard recounting with each other the stories they heard or reinforcing the principles taught.... I would highly recommend the presentation by Kevin Weinert to any school desirous of infusing into their school culture values and life skills that foster positive relationships among the students.”
Margo Olsen, Director of Special Ed. & Interventions and former school principal at Brentwood Union School District.

"Your manners assembly was just GREAT!! Because our kids have seen you frequently, they are really growing to respect you and listen to what you teach. After the assembly my 5th graders were all trying to 'one up' each other to see who could have the best manners. It was really fun! "
Ali Popovich (Teacher)

Dear Mr. Weinert,
Our class definitely benefited from the assembly. We talk about how to treat others using your banana peel/ dollar bill example. Your explanation about "manners are simply respect in action" went home in my newsletter to parents on Friday.
Super assembly!
Thank you,
Holly Morey (Teacher)


Margo Olson
Brentwood Union School District
200 Griffith
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 513-6319

Scott Vernoy
Adams Middle School
401 American Ave.
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 513-6450

Jerrianna Boer
Hart-Ransom School
3930 Shoemake Ave.
Modesto, CA 95358
(209) 523-9979

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